About Us

We are family owned and operated with over 20 years of growing experience. We grow out of the love of Gardening and eating fresh Vegetables. We want to share this with everyone. We all should be eating fresh Vegetables grown locally and grown organically and free of pesticides. We never grow GMO seeds and in most cases we grow from our own seeds that we saved from the year before. We are proud partners with Atlantic Pepper Seeds
Atlantic Pepper Seeds has the world’s largest pepper seed selection with over 1200 Varieties available online and has seeds to over 3000 Varieties.

We hope to share the gardening experience with everyone and mostly with the next generation all of our children should know where food comes from and how to grow there own. With the price of fresh Vegetables always going up everyone should be trying to grow there own. And for those who can’t we grow for you. We try supply what we can a very fair prices. We are sun lover’s and the sun is what keeps all of us going and we all can’t live without it. We are proud to say we use the sun as much as we can we have a 27 kw solar system and greenhouses to take advantage of all the sun has to offer. There are some pictures below

Another big thing is to use compost we make and use compost as much as we can. And if we can’t make enough we buy compost it is one if the key eliminates in a successful garden and is the best organics one can use.